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Celine 2003

Welcome to a new Celine site!!!!

Hey everyone! Welcome to Celine 2003!!! This is a very new site and I am very excited about starting it!!!! Bookmark this site cause there sill be many multimedia files, pictures, and new coming this here in the near future.

Celine News


Celine at Superbowl: Posted 01/26/2002

Celine opended the game this year with her stirring rendition of "God Bless America". The performence was accompanied by a youth choir and was performed moments before kickoff and right before the country gorup The Dixie Chixks sang the National Anthem. This was Celine's second international performence of the song. She sang it in Sept. 2001 at the telethone "A Tribute To Heroes" which raised money for the Sept. 11 Fund benefiting the victims of the Sept. 11 tragedy.